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Fic: Insert Tab A into Slot B and Get Sucked

Title: Insert Tab A into Slot B and Get Sucked
Author: kayevelyn
Fandom: EXO
Pairing: Kai/Hole
Rating: +17
Warnings: Glory holes
Summary: There is a glory hole. There is Kai. There is word vomit.
Notes: SEMESTER OVER (like today) \o/// So I wrote this. I had been trying to write it for awhile because GLORY HOLES. THEY BEG FOR PORN. But then I was like "oh I can't do this" But umberela urged me on. And then tlist was awesome tonight so I decided to write it for them (evanelric and canttakeabreath) ♥♥♥♥

So yes. Word vomit. And stuff. Sorry.

Jongin gagged. The cock fucking his mouth through the hole was too large. Spit was running over his lips, down his chin. He knew in the back of his mind this was a new one. This one was not one of his regulars. Not that he specifically had regulars. He didn’t think he had the technique to warrant regulars. Not much you can learn and remember about a person’s mouth. But the hole. The hole had regulars. This cock wasn’t one of them.

Jongin hoped he would become one.

The cock tasted nice, and the guy on the other side was grunting softly as Jongin rubbed his tongue up and down the shaft, hollowing his cheeks.

He didn’t have any purchase against the wall though and the man, boy, person on the other side just kept fucking himself through the hole. So Jongin just opened wide and swallowed.

He loved the taste.

No one talked about the bathroom on the bottom floor of the building. Though to be fair there wasn’t much to talk about. It was just a bathroom.

Except not.

Since no one ever talked about it, and Jongin had tried asking everyone, inherently curious and unable to shut his damn mouth at the best of times, he didn’t know when the hole had gotten there. Or how people figured out the code of conduct, that all important two knocks on the stall second from the end and then the one knock back from the stall against the wall that said “yes, please put your dick in there, I want it in my mouth.”

Sometimes he wondered if it was just part of human behavior, this knowledge that if you put your cock through a hole enough times, eventually someone was going to be on the other side to suck it.

He didn’t know how it worked, just that it did, and that every third night he would be in the far stall, waiting.

Sometimes the guy on the other side would be loud and Jongin would know right away who it was. Those were times he closed his eyes because he didn’t want to know the cock in his mouth belonged to Jungsu-sunbaenim or Minho. He wanted to pretend it’s someone else. He didn’t know who he wanted. Someone attractive. Dark hair? Light hair? Brown eyes? Exotic green? Some big hotshot American heartthrob like Brad Pitt or that one who plays Iron Man.

But other times he’d let himself know. When he realized the person on the other side was Kris, cursing hard in a mix of Mandarin and English, hand pounding against the divider as he came loud and hard, making no effort to stay silent, he focused on that. He focused on Kris. He imagined Kris.

Jongin normally jerked off when he was sucking cock, but this is one of the first times he came to the image of a man and not just the feel of the cock sliding in and out of his lips.

He learned about the hole from Jonghyun, because he overheard him talking about it in whispers with Kibum. They were talking about it and, okay yeah he was curious. And yeah, they were talking about using the hole the way it was meant to be used, pushing your cock through it and getting it sucked, but that’s not what Jongin wanted.

Inside his own mind he could admit at least to himself that what he really wanted was to be the one on his knees. And no one would ever know. Because the point of it all was to have meaningless, guiltless fun. No one would find out. Everyone was pretending it was something else.

So why not?

He tried the hole on the other side just once. He ended up with too many teeth scrapes from someone overeager. He wanted to go to the other side and slap whoever it was upside the head and teach them properly.

He didn’t though. He just pounded hard on the divider and never went back.

He didn't feel right knowing the others might have to suffer through that if he weren’t doing it.

He only ever had a threesome once. He wasn’t even sure if it should count as a threesome. He didn’t think they wanted him to know there were two of them on the other side because they were both so quiet. It was obvious once he started sucking on the man’s cock though.

The rhythm was off. Pressing too hard against his lips.

His hand dropped to his cock and he closed his eyes, imaging what it would be like if there wasn’t the divider. Maybe someone would grab his hair. He sometimes grabbed his own hair while he was doing it. He had found he’d liked it. If someone did it to him while he was sucking them off he’s sure he’d get even more eager.

He moaned and the two men on the other side of the divider echoed him.

Jongin could hear the distant slapping of flesh repeating over and over as whoever was behind the man he was sucking off kept up the hard pace he was setting. He relaxed his throat, letting the man’s cock slide in and out. It was all he could do as he jerked himself off.

Jongin tried not to think about what would happen once he debuted and he had to take time away from doing this. He would have schedules and other commitments. Maybe he’d actually have to make a connection with someone else, approach one of his members and beg them to let him suck them off.

No one would turn him down. No one should.

Cause he liked the taste of come, and he liked the way a hard cock felt against his lips, against his tongue. He liked hearing the groans echoing around the bathroom, that slight thrill that this was ultimately public and someone could walk in. No one ever would but they could. That was the fun of it all.

He’d cross that bridge when he got to it. For now he’d just keep sucking cock.
Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: kai/everyone, status: complete, type: stand alone
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